Why Are Data Strategies Like Making Donuts?

(Hint: It’s not because they’re tasty!)

Let’s cut to the chase…bad donuts and bad data strategies are OK but the good ones are hard to find great post to read.  If the choices of ingredients are limited and fairly well known, why are the outcomes so different?

A few of the reasons are:

  • Where and how ingredients are used DO matter
  • Quality and price DO influence decisions
  • We DO NOT all have the same tastes or goals
  • Metrics used for making decisions DO NOT always line-up with your goals

When it comes to Skip Tracing, finding POE’s or locating Assets, there are a lot of companies that have been microwaving frozen donuts and expecting gourmet taste. Instead, the expectation should reflect the amount of time spent formulating the recipe. You MUST be prepared to experiment.

Take the time to analyze the results of your experiments and use that to formulate the “data recipe” that best suits your business.

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