LOL: Losing Our Landlines

We’ve all seen the newest advertisements for the latest and greatest tech gadgets. Whether it’s the indestructible and waterproof nature of the Samsung Galaxy or the forever friend that you can find in the iPhone’s Siri, ads for new gizmos, more specifically for cell phones, does not seem to be going away, but on the contrary, seems to be greatly increasing.

The growth in ads must mean that an increase of what some would call an extra appendage (aka your cell phone) is upon us. According to the Center for Disease and Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics, the number of homes with landlines has shattered (much like my iPhone screen) within the past couple of years. In fact, nearly 40 percent of American homes rely solely on wireless phones. This percentage is due to the decrease in homes using landlines in all 50 states. Yes, that means EVERY state has proved the benefits of being mobile much outweigh the days of cords and wires.

But what does this mean for us? Well, it points to a couple of things, with the most important being that the digital age has created challenges, but also opportunities that we cannot afford to hang up on.

In the past, debt collection organizations would have cringed at this novel idea. Considering the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which protects consumers from the use of automatic telephone dialing system, it’s easy to see why. In an industry that is highly dependent on this mode of connection, and in a world that is highly insistent on its privacy, many find it difficult to make a connection between the two – so I’ll make it for you.

The mobile era has allowed us to become more effective at what we do. Since lawsuits using the TCPA as defense are nothing to LOL about (there’s some cell phone lingo for you), this would require our digits rather than a machine to do the dialing. But besides being a great index exercise, it will prove to be much more successful in the long run. Changing our ways to evolve with our cellular society, we can decrease our dialing attempts and increase our performance.

So when it comes to the opportunities that we must take advantage of in a digital world, don’t hang up. It’s a new call. Answer it.

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