TEC Services Group Introduces REVEALDataWorks: Providing Collection Agencies in the ARM Industry with Powerful Data Insights

Sarasota, FL – TEC Services Group, Inc., the leading provider of professional, advisory and analytical consulting services in the ARM industry, today announced the introduction of REVEALDataWorks.  TEC Analytical Services was formed in 2010 as the ARM industry’s only fully managed data waterfall and reporting service.  This agile platform provides debt collection organizations an intelligent way to evaluate, select and access information from third party data suppliers. TEC customers are able to combine the expertise of our analytical consultants with performance reporting to make informed decisions.

“We’ve made significant enhancements to our service and realize what our customers value most; our ability to reveal new and ongoing data insights to improve ROI by optimizing the use of third party data and scoring products.  We are excited about the new service platform name. REVEALDataWorks reflects our commitment to reveal new data insights and drive measurable performance for our customers.” – Will Turner, Vice President, TEC Analytical Services

REVEALDataWorks is a unique service platform that enables organizations to streamline transactions to a virtually unlimited number of third-party data providers via a customized single gateway. The result is a simplified process enabling clients to quickly access and evaluate data performance, implement and review data strategies, and move accounts intelligently through a multi-vendor waterfall before returning scrubbed files. The automated process works seamlessly and efficiently, allowing clients to focus on what’s most important- collecting money.  The managed service includes:  a cross functional team of subject matter experts, the use of various data testing methodologies (champion challenger testing, overlap analysis, strategy simulation), in-depth performance reporting, sourcing and supplier management.  REVEALDataWorks also features data budget controls, rapid deployment of new data strategies and the ability to reconfigure the waterfall “on-the-fly”.


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