Navigating The New Year

For most, the start of a New Year signals a time for reflection and setting resolutions to improve many areas within our lives. Resolutions are simply the goals we wish to accomplish in the coming year to ensure continued success and growth, both personally and professionally. Sometimes the hardest part is determining what those goals should be and creating a plan to realize those goals.

As you chart your organizational goals for the New Year, we would like to share some ideas to help you choose those goals and ways to keep you on course. The New Year provides an opportunity to review what worked well, what didn’t work so well and agree on obtainable goals for the coming year. Taking the time to carefully and thoughtfully reflect upon the year will allow you to come away with a plan that ensures success in the coming year.

Here are some ideas to consider when choosing your New Year’s goals:

  • Commitment to Growth: This is key in order to evolve as a person or organization. Everyone assigned to a goal must be committed to growth and share the vision for the future. It’s important to prevent complacency for growth to occur. Know your value and how you can increase it.
  • Selecting Resolutions: Set new, realistic goals and a well-defined plan of how to reach them. When considering your goals for the New Year, realize that change can be hard and takes courage and commitment. Also keep in mind that change can open new doors, empower improvement and help you achieve success.
  • Measuring Goals: This is a critical component to staying on track. Most individuals and companies wait until year-end to evaluate performance and set new goals for the coming year. However, measuring goals should be an ongoing effort to prevent derailing. Determine how you will measure your goals and get buy-in from your team.
  • Stay on Course: Once you’ve chosen your new goals, develop a plan to stay on course. Approach goals as a project; incorporate important milestones and track progress along the way. Having visibility to ongoing progress allows you to mitigate any risk potential and reach your goal.
  • Fine-tune Goals:  Don’t let minor setbacks leave you feeling defeated, reevaluate your goals and adjust as needed. Changing your approach or fine-tuning goals can be necessary along the way, the key is to set realistic expectations of yourself and your team.
  • Seek Assistance: Setting goals and realizing those goals can be a daunting task. Seek the input of experts who keep a pulse on key areas that affect your business. Consultants are a great way for companies to fill-in gaps and meet deadlines. Not only are consultants seasoned experts in their field, they also add another layer of business knowledge.

Celebrate your success and efforts! Take time to enjoy life and the successes you achieve, no matter how large or small those successes may be.

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