Take The Guesswork Out Of Data Decisions

TEC Analytical Services helps debt collection organizations evaluate, source, implement, manage and optimize the use of third-party data products. Our experienced consultants work as an extension of our clients’ internal teams, providing the knowledge and resources needed to raise the performance and profitability of debt collection processes to the next level. We have helped every single one of our clients:

  • Secure more cash
  • Reduce collection expenses
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve rankings
  • Gain a competitive edge


Combining expert knowledge of the data industry with science, we tailor data strategies to specific desired outcomes, asset classes and client needs.  Our data strategies match and configure the right data products to the client environment using proven analytics.  And we don’t just use best practices – we create them.

We keep a strong pulse on the industry. We test data and evaluate vendors every day. We know what works. We know what doesn’t. So after assessing a business and understanding its needs, we can easily deliver a data strategy ideally suited to each environment that will produce measurable results.

The TEC Analytics team can provide a competitive edge with services such as:

  • Comprehensive needs assessment
  • Third-party data spend assessment
  • Data waterfall design
  • Data strategy consulting
  • Vendor selection
  • Vendor price negotiation
  • Vendor relationship management
  • Dedicated subject matter experts
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Waterfall Management

TEC is able to simplify and streamline transactions between third-party vendors and client collection and legal software platforms using a platform agnostic hosted waterfall system. Clients send files directly to TEC, which eliminates the need to write and manage multiple vendor interfaces; then, configurable treatment paths and processing rules (which can be changed without programming on the fly) intelligently move accounts through a multi-vendor waterfall before returning scrubbed files. The automated process works seamlessly and efficiently, allowing staff to focus on what’s most important – collecting money.

Our expert data system:

  • Manages the data process through a dedicated hosted database
  • Allows access via TEC Standard File Layouts
  • Features configurable business rules
  • Includes multiple vendor interfaces
  • Helps in the selection of best vendors
  • Offers unlimited data strategies
  • Delivers insightful performance reporting
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Performance Reporting & Insight

TEC Performance Reports measure key performance indicators (KPI) so our clients can make informed data and strategy decisions. Performance can be evaluated by line of business, forwarder, asset class, score range, balance and any other segmentation of business.

Our subject matter experts study the data, extract “golden nuggets”,  and provide the actionable insight that can lead to even greater profitability and performance.

We continuously measure results and optimize strategy by reviewing:

  • Weekly waterfall performance reports
  • Weekly data spend and savings reports
  • Duplicate phone audit reports (when applicable)
  • Ad hoc waterfall segmentation reports
  • Champion/Challenger testing
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Learn more about our data assessment.