TEC Announces Major Milestone For Analytical Services

REVEALDataWorks Exceeds One Billion Performance Transactions

Significant milestone revealing insights on third-party data products

Sarasota, FL – TEC Services Group, Inc., the leading provider of professional, advisory and analytical consulting services in the ARM industry, today announced their Analytical Division has exceeded one billion performance transactions.  Introduced in 2010 as the industry’s only fully managed data waterfall service, TEC continues to deliver meaningful insights to collection organizations for strategic growth and profitability. This milestone demonstrates the value and importance in providing customers with revealing information about the performance of third-party data and scoring products.

“Reaching one billion performance transactions is an important milestone in continuing to advance what our customers value most; our ability to reveal new and ongoing data insights. Armed with this information, our customers achieve more rapid gains in performance and profitability by optimizing the use of third party-data and scoring products.” – Will Turner, Vice President of TEC Analytical Services

TEC branded the service earlier this year, now known as REVEALDataWorks. The service provides debt collection organizations an intelligent way to evaluate, select and access information from third party data suppliers. TEC customers are able to combine the expertise of our analytical consultants with performance reporting and analytics to make informed decisions on the use of third party data and scoring products.

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